Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2nd Family Party

This year we celebrated our July 4th a little early. My brother Doug was in town from Ohio and he had to fly back on Sunday, so we had a family get together on Saturday! Here is a pic of the kids and I before we left. Eric is behind the camera. :(

Just the kids!

We held the party at my sister Robin and her husband John's house. They are always nice enough to host our bigger family events! Thanks Robin & John!

Here are just a few random shots. Here is some of the kids.

Preston playing with his cousin (one of Millie's twins) not sure if it is Cyrus or Wyatt!

The "older folks". My dad and 2 of his brothers and one sister in law.

Another shot including my mom.

Another pic of the group. My brother Doug is sitting to the left in the chair. Too bad his wife and daughter couldn't come. We missed them!

Just hanging out.

Hi Clarke!

It was fun to be able to spend the day with my family. All my siblings came, but we missed many of my neices and nephews. They just have their own families now, and everyone is busy!

She had the perfect back yard with canopies to provide shade for all of us.

We had a potluck lunch with sloppy joes, and plenty of sides.
Then to top it off there was POPSICLES!!

And even fudge bars!!

We hope you all had a fun 4th of July weekend!

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Rick and Pat said...

Fun pictures! It was a very nice day. Thanks for the memories. P.S. I really like the fonts and look of your blog. Way cute!