Friday, March 04, 2011

Don't Know Where to Start....

Believe it or not I have wanted to blog many times over the last 6 months. I love reading others blogs, and I have just decided mine is too boring.

I have a hard time writing creatively, or finding things that I think are worth blogging about. Something will happen, and I think, "that would make a good blog post." Then by the time I get around to bloggin about it, I don't think it's that exciting anymore.

I love pictures on blogs too, and I seem to be lacking in the picture taking department. That is another reason for my hesitation. We didn't even get pictures on Halloween. How sad is that?

I have sat down a few times trying to organize what pictures we do have and from which events, picking a few to highlight and give anyone who may be reading this an update. Needless to say my follow through has been at level 0.

So at this point, I am just going to bullet a few things we've been doing since my last post!


*We went to the CentraCom summer party! My kids had a ball with the bounce houses, retaining wall, games, cotton candy, and snowcones. Eric works for such a great company, we are SO blessed!

*Eric marched in the governor's day parade. I did get some cool pictures of this. It was hot, but it is always neat to watch this event.

*Eric got promoted to a Sr. Master Sergeant in the Air Force. WAHOO!!!


*Grandma & Grandpa Saul came and stayed with us for a few weeks! It was so nice to have an "RV parking" driveway for their motorhome. It worked perfectly.

*Halloween was fun as usual. The kids love to dress-up, and this year we had a new ward, new school, and new neighborhood. It was great. Preston was an army guy, Jaida and Alyssa were both witches, and Cade was a cowboy again. Our ward had a big dinner, then a trunk or treat. The kids were also able to go trick or treating around the neighborhood, and go to a haunted house that our neighbors put on every year. They thought it was pretty cool!!


*This ended up being a big Usborne event month. I had a booth near the end of October. It was quite successful, and I ended up booking 3 preschool book fairs, and 4 home shows. I already had a few events scheduled as well, so this really kept me busy through the end of the year. It was great! I really love what I do!

*For Thanksgiving we were able to go to Eric's uncle Jim and Aunt Barb's house in Baggs, Wyoming. This was so much fun. We thought the weather might change our plans, but it turned out to be nothing. We loved seeing family and spending a few days together.


*In December we enjoyed a few Christmas parties, and getting ready for the holidays. It was fun to decorate in our new house.

*Christmas was wonderful. The kids were able to get some fun things, and we just feel so blessed to be back in a home again. We had a few ups and downs in 2010, but overall it was a really good year.


*Eric turned 41!!! :) (He will love that I posted that. Ha Ha)

*I attended Usborne regional training. It was great, and I love getting together with all my Usborne friends!!


*Eric had 2 guard drills this month. The last one being a HUGE inspection. They passed with flying colors and he was thrilled to get it overwith!!

A couple other things are in the works and changing for us, but I will post later about that. We have also already started our family's birthdays for the year, but I will create posts for that soon too.

Watch for more updates, hopefully soon!