Sunday, April 20, 2008

Housing Woes Continued!

Well, we just thought we'd give a quick update on the drama we seem to be facing with our house.

It was unfortunate that we had to notify the renters that we really needed to try selling again. But in our defense, they hadn't paid any utilities since they moved in 4 months ago, and our property manager had a very difficult time collecting rent for the month of March.

As of the 7th of April he still hadn't received rent for this month, and their only phone had been cancelled so we had no way of contacting them. They wouldn't ever call him back if he left notes on the door, and he would go over and they wouldn't be home or even answer the door. It has truly been a nightmare.

They still have never paid any kind of rent for this month, and they have been served a 30 day eviction notice, and a 3 day eviction notice. The next step would be an unlawful detainer served by the court, but without being able to hand it to them in person, it can't be done.
They have moved most everything out, but left quite a mess, not allowing it to be shown yet. Our property manager has told our realtor she could show it, but it was definately not in a position to be shown.

It is definately frustrating, and I could go on and on. Hopefully we can get things all squared around in the next couple days, and get moving. We feel quite discourgaed to have missed this much selling time in a peak season. (At least as peak as it can get these days.)

Everybody pray for us, we need it. And if you know anyone looking to buy a house, send them our way! :-)