Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Only 3 more weeks!

We are on the final countdown! Eric will be coming home in just 3 short weeks!

I know this is the life of a military wife, and don't get me wrong I am so proud of him, but being a single mom sucks! I don't know how those military wives do it whose husbands are gone for 1-2 years. I know I have it easy, so I try not to complain.
So excited that he is coming home though! Finally we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The only kind I like:

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Booths, Booths, & more Booths!

As most of you know, I will be promoting to Supervisor with Usborne on October 1st! It has been a very busy couple of months. I have been a horrible blogger, but between Usborne, being a mom, getting back in school and now having 3 kids with lots of homework, I don't have time!

My days have been filled with booth preparations. Organizing books, labeling books, taking inventory, etc. This week I will be at:

Last weekend it was the Utah County Pet Fair! This was a fun one! Lots of animals, and right off Salem Pond. I think I might look for houses in Salem when the time comes!

They even married a cow and a bull! :-)

Gotta love the ducks in the pond!

And of course, my booth!

Also for the last couple months I have had the Pleasant Grove Promenade (Farmer's Market) every Thursday night! This has been fun and I love chatting with people in the community!

Here I am! I will just be there tomorrow night 1 more time before they end for the summer!

They always had fun things for the kids to do!

And live entertainment!

Whew! I am tired! Books are not light, but I love what I do so it makes it worth it!
And as always, if you need books for Christmas, check me out!!! And, to help me secure my spot for supervisor, I am offering a special through the 28th of September! If you order $20 or more from me, or off my website I will send you an additional $10 gift certificate to use on a future purchase! **Please let me know if you place an online order so I can be sure and get you your gift certificate.
Have a great day!!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Time for a big bed?

The last few days Cade has been taking his naps in his big brother Preston's bed. He loves it! We still have him in a crib, (no other child pushing him out of it at this point), plus it was just easier. He doesn't climb out, and he seems to be doing okay in it still.
He has however been waking up at all hours of the night since Eric has been gone. So lately I have wondered if it could be that he is ready for a new bed! He moves so much in bed that maybe he would be happier in a normal bed now.
I guess I should start looking for another set of bunkbeds since this house wouldn't allow anything else!

Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby (okay, toddler) but he is still my baby! :-)

Eric's Trip to Doha!

Eric sent me a couple pictures a few weeks ago! He finally got to leave the base with some of his unit! They were able to go into Doha and see the sights! Here they are in the car!

Relaxing in some massage chairs in one of the stores! Love how the chairs cradle your legs and feet. I would love to see how that feels right now!

And food! Yummy!

It was too dark outside to get any good pictures of the city. He is hoping to go once more before he comes home, then maybe he can get some! We are on the final countdown now though!!! Only about 30 more days!!!