Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Price home

The first picture is the girls playing in leaves behind our house. You can see the old Tobacco barn in the background that is also the next picture. It is in our back yard, but isn't on our property. The third picture is the trees to the right of our house. The bottom picture is the drive that comes up the left side of the house (opposite the trees) from the cul-de-sac because we live on a corner. This is early Nov. 2006, and the framing was done by Dakotah with her new digital camera/camcorder. I will take some inside pictures and publish our family photo in the next week or so. -Wendy

This is the inside of the Saul family 2005 Fleetwood-Pace Arrow Motor Home.

This is the shower and sink area. It is in along with the beadroom area somewhat as you can see. The door shuts off the kitchen and bedroom area so you can have that privet. This is the washer/dryer combo. This is the beadroom area, at the head of the bed. The closets with mirrors are at the bottom of bed and the TV is next to the closets. This is the toilet, (it is in a closet as I say). This is the shower and sink area again, you can see the door handle to the toilet area at the left of this picture. This is the living room area to the front. The hideabed is on one side and the recliner is on the other side of couch. The two caption chairs are also used for seating. This is the kitchen -dinning room area, there is a side by side refridge/icemaker across from the washer and I never really got a picture of that. Opps! Also a Microwave/Convection Combo. Still trying to figure it out, but did make some cupcakes and the were great. Two burner stovetop below microwave. All the sinks and stovetop have comers so it becomes all flat top surface if you wish. Sorry it is a little messy. HA!HA! It has DVD/surround sound, VCR, 2 TV's, Kind Dome Satillite System. There is a place to put a TV under one of the cargo bays so you can watch TV outside. There are 3 tip outs. Bedroom-Living room/Dinning room- Kitchen. I sure do like my home. We are in New Mexico at the moment,(come and see us anytime). Outside pictures will be later when I get some taken. Cheryl

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Price girls at Halloween 2006

Dakotah is any egyptian, CheyAnn a candy corn, and Sienna is Tinkerbell. They each got a bucket of candy in about 2 hours and Dakotah also collected used eyeglasses to donate to people overseas through a program called Sight Night. You collect them and send them to your local Lions Club who sends them to Lens Crafters to be repaired and cleaned. -Wendy